About US

Dr. Volcanoe

Dr. VoLCaNo3 is your typical girl-next-door. A freshly out-of-MedicalSchool-doctor who started getting acquainted with blogosphere since early Clinical phase of medical School Days. Have grown a great deal during my years as a medical undergraduateand definitely will continue GROWING.

Just wanna share knowledge, experience, stories as much as I can with the world out therethats why MedWorld!

Is there a better way to combine ones passion for writing, and sharing, while obtaining continuous medical information other than blogging???

Believe: Success in life ultimately has nothing to do with what you accomplish/gain for yourself, but what you do for others – the very reason for choosing this vocation, despite the knowledge that this NO bed of thornless-roses. Cest la vie!

And now personalized this site with more about my day-to-day life experience & my passing mad thoughts & tales from my lepak life too, instead of juz d boring Dr 😉

HakunaMatata! Smile, and the World Smilez with You