Adoption and Infertility Resources

Adoption and Infertility Resources

Kris A. Probasco is a licensed clinical social worker in the states of Missouri and Kansas and has practiced in the field of infertility, reproduction, and adoption since 1972. She is a founder of Resolve of Kansas City. Kris also serves as an honorary board member of Guatemalan Adoptive Parents-Kansas City, a group that supports those parenting, or preparing to parent, children adopted from Guatemala. Kris is a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and the American Adoption Congress. She is actively involved in the Metropolitan Adoption Council in the Kansas City area. She speaks nationally and locally on various issues relating to infertility and adoption. Her agency, Adoption and Fertility Resources, is a licensed child-placing agency in both Missouri and Kansas. Kris provides general infertility and adoption counseling as well as services specific to those expanding their families through the use of IVF, donor eggs/sperm, known donors, and embryo adoption.

Adoption Consultation

The first step in this process is a two hour office consultation for those interested in adoption. During this meeting, information regarding resources available in domestic, international, and embryo adoption are discussed. The goal of this consultation is to become well informed of adoption options. Further consultation may be helpful in making an adoption decision.

When a decision is made to continue with the adoption process, a homestudy assessment packet is provided. This packet is a means of collecting information regarding the prospective adoption parent(s) and includes items addressing: health, finance, personal security, home and state requirements and references. Once the completed packets are received, appointments are scheduled for clinical interviews, including couple and individual(s) interview and a visit to the home. From these interviews and packets, the homestudy report is written. This report is made available to the prospective adoptive parent(s) and their representatives and can be used for one year from the date of its completion. An update is required if an adoptive placement has not been made within a year.

Birthparents who contact the office will receive information regarding the prospective adoptive parent(s), and placement arrangements will be provided. Referrals will be made to agencies specializing in international or embryo adoption as well as attorneys who specialize in domestic, international, or embryo adoption. Pre- and post-placement counseling and consultation for birth and adoptive families are provided. Referrals for post-placement services will be made as needed. An acknowledgment of anticipated services will be provided when adoption planning begins.

This summary of adoption counseling and services is an overview of the types of adoption services available through this agency. If you have questions regarding fertility and reproductive counseling, or would like to schedule an appointment in Liberty, MO, or Overland Park, KS, please contact the Liberty office.


The following confidential adoption therapy services are provided:

Adoption resource counseling
Referrals to appropriate agencies, attorneys and fertility practices
Adoption Home Study Assessment for domestic, embryo and international adoption
Post Placement services and court appearances, if required
Placement arrangements for domestic and embryo adoption
Counseling prospective birth families and genetic/donor couples regarding placement plans

Services are also provided for identified embryo adoptions with arrangements made by the adoptive and donor family

General Infertility Counseling

Infertility counseling begins uniquely for each client/couple based on their prior experiences in the medical process. This is done through a 2-hour consultation. The following topics may be discussed:
Reproduction/pregnancy loss
Managing infertility diagnosis
Primary/secondary infertility issues
Decision making
Individual marital and family issues with infertility
Coping Skills

Donor Sperm/Donor Egg Consultation/Gestational Carrier

During the consultation, counseling is provided regarding the selection of an appropriate donor and the lifelong issues of a child/adult that comes into a family by this procedure. Discussion during the 2-hour consultation includes the following variety of services:

Acceptance and Readiness for alternative decisions
Decision making regarding donor/carrier
Life long needs of family, including the needs of the child
Legal issues, referral to reproductive attorneys as needed
Assessment report for fertility practice
Evaluation of potential egg donors or surrogates for agencies or fertility practices
Counseling for the known donor/surrogate family
Counseling for intended parents (follow-up parenting plans)