Fildena 25 mg

What are the advantages of 25mg Fildena?

Fildena 25 mg review


Most drugs are available in different strengths, and it is also the case of Fildena; the first treatment marketed Disorders impotence. The lowest dose is 25mg and is adapted to the different cases of erectile dysfunction.

Higher dosages can cause side effects

Fildena 25mg consists of half as much active agent sildenafil that the recommended dose at the beginning of treatment . Consequently, men who manage to effectively treat their erectile dysfunction but suffer side effects such as headaches or vision problems may be advised a lighter Fildena dose.
In general, the doctor will always try to focus a light dose to minimize the risk of side effects.

When is the risk of side effects increases?

If a patient is starting for the first time a treatment for impotence has a significant risk of side effects, the doctor will prescribe a lower dose. However, if you suffer from specific diseases, prescription of Fildena you can be denied.
If you notice the appearance of serious side effects along with taking Fildena tablets, stop your treatment and consult as soon as possible with your doctor.

Effectiveness rate

Clinical tests on sildenafil showed results proportional to the dosage used by patients:

  1. 63% of men who took Fildena 25mg could have an erection during sexual intercourse
  2. 74% of men who have used Fildena 50mg have sufficient erection during intercourse
  3. 82% of men who took Fildena 100mg have had an erection during sexual intercourse
  4. Nevertheless, these results are in perspective because the prescription of a low dose of Fildena does not necessarily mean that the effects will be less

How to choose the right mix?

The choice of dosing will depend on your individual situation:

  1. The presence of certain diseases prevents prescribing Fildena as this can cause dangerous side effects to health. If you are concerned, your doctor will advise you of alternative treatments
  2. If you buy Fildena for the first time, that suffer from erectile dysfunction and you are healthy, the doctor will probably prescribe the intermediate dose
  3. If you have taken Fildena and that the results were insufficient or that it caused side effects such as headaches, the 25mg dosage is surely one that will suit you

Fildena available in three different dosagesFor more information, please visit our page you with different drugs for impotence or consult a doctor.