One thing you can always expect is a quality workshop. Our 2 day workshop includes learning material for all of the required areas during the clinical weekend with Mock Practice.

1) A workshop teaching manual provided for you at the workshop ($70 VALUE)

2) “Free” Critical Elements teaching Video ($48 VALUE)

3) “Free” month in the Online Care planning workshop with live discussion after your attendance at the workshop. ($65 VALUE)

4) Theory and hands on training in all areas tested on at the clinical exam with Carry home Practice.

5) Practice Simulation Homework with all of your paperwork individually graded for clarity and understanding.

6) Lab practice time ( Practice is optional and students are NOT required to stay for it. Manikins provided just like the one’s used at the real Clinical Performance Nursing Exam at the Charlotte site only.)

7) Practice PCS to take home to send back later for evaluation.

8) There are other available proven products for purchase, should you have concerns about weak areas.

9) “Free” email & phone consulations with all questions answered right up to the day before your clinical weekend. (I am sorry; I can’t speak to you during your clinical weekend. Excelsior College® considers this unethical and they also deem it as cheating. I have been informed by the college anyone found to be discussing their test with anyone during the testing weekend will be in violation of the academic honesty policy and dismissed from the program! Don’t risk your dream by doing this with anyone!)

10) When attending the workshop, we have several manikins that you may use to practice on.

What you will learn & receive at your workshop:

What to Expect at the Clinical weekend
How to communicate during nursing report
How to prepare for the 3 day clinical exam
What to bring to the 3 day clinical exam

The flow of the 3 day clinical exam

Critical Elements of the care plan

Approved NANDA labels

What NOT to use as a Care Plan
How to effectively write a care plan
Example Care plans with Plenty of Practice
Take home Practice Care Plans
Understanding the Nursing Diagnosis Book
How to Tab you Nursing Diagnosis Book
How to Read your Kardex
How to understand the Nursing Process

Understanding Time Management

Understanding the Required Areas of Care

Understanding of the Overriding Areas of Care

Understanding of the Selected Areas of Care
How to perform wound care
How to perform IV infusions, IV pushes and IV maintenance

How to calculate drug formulas

Proper verification with medication administration

How to Prepare for Your PCS

Why you need a Grid

How to Write a Grid
Grid mnemonics
Required Areas with mnemonics
Selected Areas of Care with mnemonics
Example Documentation with Practice
Carry home Practice Documentation
Evaluation Phase Practice
Rationale Requirements
How to file out PCS Recording form correctly
I/0 understanding with Carry home Practice
How to perform the 5 required Simulated Labs & calculations (Full lab set up with actual manikins just like the actual weekend at the Charlotte site only. Practice is optional and students are NOT required to stay for it.)
MOCK PCS Demonstration (actual PCS’s performed by you. If you would like to attend a private Mock 3 day clinical please see our page on MOCK. The private Mock is a 1 on 1 simulated 3 day clinical weekend.)
Practice time on the Lab Stations with available evaluation.
Question and Answer session
UNLIMITED ACCESS TO YOUR INSTRUCTOR until you complete 3 day clinical weekend!
I am sorry, we do not cover any study needed for the NCLEX. We recommend you complete one hurdle at a time.