Anyone purchasing services from Fildena Official Site Co. as of January 2006 must agree to the terms and conditions of sales and service. If you are not in agreement with terms and conditions, no sales or service will be granted.
Anyone granted charitable services to the materials or services offered by Fildena Official Site agrees to all of the conditions set forth in this agreement.

Only the person purchasing or being granted charitable services is allowed to use any of Fildena Official Site material. There will be no sharing or reselling of purchased products allowed unless granted by Fildena Official Site.

All deposits paid are non-refundable unless workshop is cancelled by Clinical Prep Exam Co. Clinical Prep reserves the right to cancel upto prior to 15 days before a scheduled workshop. A workshop that is cancelled due to bad weather is not considered a cancellation but a reschedule. Bad weather is unavaoidable and is considered an Act of God and is not the responsiblity or under the control of Fildena Official Site. Anyone not being able to reschedule will be offered products in lieu of the workshop of the workshop upton $200.

If you have paid your fees for upcoming services and you disagree with the terms of service, notify Fildena Official Site Co. so that your fee excluding your nonrefundable deposit can be returned. Provided you notify us within the 16 day grace period prior to your schuduled workshop. Services are not guarenteed until fee for service is paid in full. Should you dispute a charge and a refund is issued from our processing company, we reserve the right to rebill your card. Once services are initiated no fee will be refunded.

Anyone purchasing material from Fildena Official Site must not use it for the purpose to teach others or to distribute as their own.

Anyone purchasing materials or services from Fildena Official Site must provide picture ID from an offical job or state or federal identification card.

Anyone in attendance to a workshop either group or private is responsible for their own hotel, taxi fare, rental car and other travel expenses. We are NOT responsible for any of these travel expenses.

All materials purchased belong to Fildena Official Site and may not be used in any way for profitable gain. Any person purchasing products from Fildena Official Site agrees not to copy and sell or re- sell originals after purchase.

Any material copied and distributed to others must have the approval of Fildena Official Site. All material received from the workshops are property of Fildena Official Site.

Anyone in attendance to a workshop or purchasing materails from Fildena Official Site agrees not to record or film any of the presentations for any type of use without written permission from Clinical Prep Exam.

Everyone, not limited to family or friends of attendee, in attendance to a workshop or purchasing materials from Fildena Official Site agrees to a non-compete claus on all products and services pretaining to the Clinical weekend. Student agrees not to offer a workshop, products or work for a company which offers any goods or services pretaining to the clinical weekend for seven years after student’s graduation date from the college or seven years after receiving any service or product provided by Clinical Prep Exam. This includes service or products for both profit or for charity.

Anyone found violating copyright, non-compete or patent laws will be subject to being charged with a felony crime and having a legal suit filed against them.

Anyone found to be violating the use of Fildena Official Site. material understands that Fildena Official Site Co. may exercise it’s right to file suit against you for violations of federal laws.

Anyone not in agreement with the Terms of Service will not be allowed use of any materials or services provided by Fildena Official Site.

Anyone caught in violation understands that we reserve the right to prosecute.

Anyone purchasing or granted services from CLinical Prep Exam is stating that they agree to the TOS set forth by Clinical Prep Exam.

Anyone found to be violating the terms of this agreement will be contacted by our attorney and pursued for legal action.

Anyone violating our copyright will be sued for damages. We will also seek prosecution for felonious copyright infringement. We will also seek revocation of your nursing license in your state for violation of ethics.

Anyone purchasing copies material that is copyrighted is also guilty of copyright infringement and will be sued for damages and prosecuted for felonious copyright infringement.

These actions are considered theft. Anyone who steals is making it harder for the provider and the consumer. Thus making prices higher for everyone.

Please show some character and do not do these things.

We would also like to remind you that a felony can cause you to lose your nursing license. It is also unethical and I will bring charges against you for it to YOUR state board of nursing.

Lynn Frederick, RN