New testimonies just added! The really good news is, I dont have enough room on this website to list all of the praise letters! Praise God for our student’s success! So glad we could share in some small part of it! I wish I had time to have all of the wonderful comments I receive listed here! 

Passed on First try 9/19/2010. This workshop is very thorough. Critical Elements explained exceptionally well. This workshop was a blessing! Preston Davis attended 8/2010

I was on the phone with the college today, and once again, Lynn rules! LOL! I mentioned your name and they told me what  a great choice I had made!! Another vote for you!! ” Mara Mills attended 8/2010

Lynn enables you to participate in exercises for better understanding, extra help is offered after the workshop and it is and exceptional price! [email protected] attended 8/2010

Excepitonal price, excellent take home material and everything was taught to understanding! [email protected] attended 8/2010

Quaity content with a knowledgable instructor. Sam Patterson attended 8/2010

This workshop cleared EVERYTHING UP![email protected] attended 8/2010

Workshop is worth the time and the funds to participate! Tracy Summers [email protected]  attended 8/2010

I have to tell you if you went to Lynn’s workshop you can do this!! Take her information and run with it!! I 100% owe my Fildena Official pass to Lynn’s workshop!!!” Michelle Sigmon Petrushak

Anyone who is interested I highly suggest LYNN FREDRICKS workshop… worth every penny…. Beverly Ciampa “GN” passed 8/2010

Thanks for all your help. I passed the Fildena Official in georgia. You guys are so great at what you do. I could not have focused myself without you. Keep helping!   Kim Gifford Passed 8/2010
Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I passed my Fildena Official Store on July 9-11.  I had to repeat that one lab, but thanks to all of your great advice, study tips and my practicing I passed on the first try! I have already recommended your program to others who are preparing to take their Clinicals.
Thank you so much,
Kimmery O’Kelley

Hello Lynn,
Just thought you might be interested in knowing that I passed the www.drvolcanoe.com this past wk-end!!! No repeats (praise the Lord)! Thank you so much for your help. That grid was far and away the most valuable thing you taught me and I’ll tell you—me and that grid hung out pretty tight together in the patient’s room from the time I walked in ’til the time I walked out!
Thanks again and have a wonderful day!
God bless!
Candace Martin passed 8/2010
“Passed my Fildena in Madison today with just one repeat…..glad to have taken your class!!!! Thank you very much for your help.” Dan Larson Passed July 2010
I am so happy to let you know that I passed my www.drvolcanoe.com last weekend in Racine. I am so thankful that I took your class and couldn’t have passed without it. I can go on and on about how great your class was etc. but I really want to make one specific comment about your class. The foundation you build in your students is second to none. You have a special way of breaking things down into elements and reminding us to keep it simple. That gift helped me be successful. I am so thankful I found you and your class. Please let me know if you need a testimonial, and feel free to use this email as one too. Thank you again for everything!! It’s finally over!!!
Scott  [email protected]  Passed June 2010


First Name : Traci
  Last Name : Brewer
  Email : [email protected]
Comments : Hi Lynn,
Well, I passed in June in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  I am the pastors wife that was
in your workshop in Dallas back in March.  I had just failed my first www.drvolcanoe.com in
January.  You confirmed everything God had called me to do related to being a
nurse.  Thank you so much for what you do.  God truely used you to encourage me
and give me a strategy.  Your workshop is awesome and I recommend you to
everyone I know that is going through excelsior.  May God continue to bless you
and your business.
Thanks so very much,
Traci Brewer


From: scott joyce <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Sent: Thu, Jul 1, 2010 9:22 am
Subject: Thank You Lynn

I am so happy to let you know that I passed my Fildena Official last weekend in Racine. I am so thankful that I took your class and couldn’t have passed without it. I can go on and on about how great your class was etc. but I really want to make one specific comment about your class. The foundation you build in your students is second to none. You have a special way of breaking things down into elements and reminding us to keep it simple. That gift helped me be successful. I am so thankful I found you and your class. Please let me know if you need a testimonial, and feel free to use this email as one too. Thank you again for everything!! It’s finally over!!!
Hi Traci,
As promised, here is an update of Lynn’s workshop.
I thought the workshop was well worth every cent!! Lynn has a way about her that makes you feel confident about yourself and your progress. She gives you the feeling that the www.drvolcanoe.com is doable. I knew nothing about the care-planning but by the time I left yesterday, she provided enough info to get me going on perfecting it. She is a genuine person who wants to help people in any way she can. She has a great personality and she is tough. Lynn knows her stuff and was able to answer most questions without hesitation with the exception of the gray area questions, even with those she provided ways of obtaining the answers yourself. She has a high respect for all health care workers and the EC program.
She is honest and will be upfront on things we need to work on.
I believe workshops are all about how good the instructor can get your attention, and she had my undivided attention entirely. She doesn’t miss a beat and she repeats herself to make sure that everyone hears her. She may appear scary at times but she scares you towards the right direction, yet her sense of humor is awesome.  
I highly recommend her workshop early on in your Fildena Official Site journey. I did not stay for the Mock Lab skills because of an air flight but I purchased her DVD which has step by step of each Lab station. She even played it during the workshop and gave us time to ask questions about it.
I could tell you everything about what we did during the workshop but I don’t think it’s necessary when Lynn is the instructor who couldn’t say it better. You need to hear it from her.  
Lynn is meant to be an instructor, it is her calling…she is probably an excellent nurse but her teaching style is admirable and I am grateful for her.
With all that said, I strongly recommend her workshop.

I hope that helps….


DD – NREMT-P ([email protected])
Applied for CPNE 2/27/09

Clinical Date 6/26/09 Utica, NY


[email protected] writes:

hi Lynn,

I just wanted to let you know that I passed this weekend in Plano..I was not nervous and followed everything you said to a T….I used your mnemonics and did just what you told me to verbalize and check off as you go..I passed all my PSC’s first time but did have to repeat the wound section cause they discovered a small piece of gauze barley on the skin……but its over and I am so glad..

thank you for all of your advise and direction..there is no way I could have made it without your guidence….

Denise McGee

From: Amanda Williams

[email protected]

Thanks to the good Lord above I passed the Clinical this past weekend with no repeats. I appreciate ALL of your help. Thank you for allowing to be used by God. From the first time I spoke to you on the phone, you calmed my nerves.You have made a such a difference in my life. May God bless you!
Amanda Williams



Name: LaShonda Noble
Company: Kaiser Permanente
Email: [email protected]
Question/comment: Praise God,I passed my RN boards! I thank God for having you
in my life Lynn and Bev! You guys are Angels in the outfield! Thanks for all of
your help!


Name: Robert A. Bement
Company: N/A
Email: [email protected]
Question/comment: Hey, just wanted to drop a note, saying I passed my Clinicals 1st
try! Thank you for everything! I was in your New Orleans workshop last month.
Take care and God bless!


From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Sent: Sat, 23 Aug 2008 3:21 pm
Subject: Clinicals

Lynn and Bev, Just an update. As of Saturday I have passed all labs
and 2 of my 3 pcs  situations. Your classes were more than worth it!!


From: christy.chavez

[email protected]
Subject: [CruisethroughCPNE] Passed the Clinicals in Amarillo this weekend
To: [email protected]
Date: Monday, August 11, 2008, 8:46 PM

It was the worst and the best experience of my life. The CE's and CA  were great. They do actually care if you pass or fail and they do want  you to suceed. The stress and the waiting...if I hadn't passed I don't  think I would have attempted it again. The over all out come of it all,  made it worth the stressfull, horrible weekend.  I would strongly advise any students just starting out go get your  nursing degree the traditional way. For those of you too far in (like I  was) to turn back now. It is possible, just be prepared and attend one  of Lynn Fredrick's workshops before you go.   Christy Chavez EMP-T, GN
In a message dated 8/18/2008 9:59:27 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, [email protected] writes:
I just wanted to say thanks, you have another successful graduate nurse!



Name: Mahaley Campbell
Company: N/A
  [email protected]
Question/comment: I PASSED at St. Mary’s the nmeumonics helped so much. So did the whole workshop. Thank you so much! I followed each step just like you told us at the workshop. Used my grid, that alone helps to keep you focused and on track. Thanks Again!
Mahaley Campbell



In a message dated 8/11/2008 8:36:19 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
Thank you very much for the seminar and information from the Houston May weekend.  The weekend was very tough but with yuor help, very doable.  Had I not attended your seminar, I certainly would not have made it through.  Of the seven who started it looks as if two successfully completed the weekend.
Without your help adn prior to you seminar I did not even know where to start.
Once again, thanks and God Bless ya’ll.
Chris Lambert
In a message dated 8/9/2008 10:54:23 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, [email protected] writes:
Lynn, you are WONDERFUL and GORGEOUS!!! I followed your steps for the lab stations to a tea and passed each one the 1st night!!!
 If any of you have not taken your exam yet, please let me know if I can help.
God Bless,
Kim, GN


I passed with no repeats.  Another successful workshop graduate.  Thank you for all opf the support you have offered these past moths – you are wonderful


From: Aisha Harris <[email protected]>
To: [email protected] <[email protected]>
Sent: Mon, 22 Sep 2008 8:25 am
Subject: I passed in Madison at Meriter

First of all I want to say thank you, to you Lynn and Bev. With your prayers and lots of family and friends prayers, I passed. I memorized my mnemonics, my critical elements, and did my labs over and over with your dvd by my side. I had no repeats. I did exactly what you said, I wrote everything down, worked my grid like a checklist, and got out of the room. I was finished by before 1pm on Saturday and 10am on Sunday. I feel like I have a weight lifted off me. Once again Thank you very much you are God sent. With lots of love, thanks, and appreciation, Aisha Harris, GN
I work on the 30th but I will do my best to drive up on Friday  just to  say Hey.  Really I want you all to know that the cpne is impossible without the workshop!!!
see ya soon.

Hello Lynn,
Status upsate from Brian Norton. I took your class in Dallas at the first of
this year. I passed my Clinicals on the 1st try! I did only 3 PCS’s and was home by
noon on Sunday! Your material was golden, I would have been lost without it!  I
have already sent 2 people your way the next time you’re in Dallas.

Brian Norton — soon to be RN!
Hi everyone!
I just thought I’d let you all know that I passed this past weekend in
Amarillo with no repeats!  Amarillo is a great site and the CEs and CA
were very encouraging and supportive.  I tested with another past Lynn’s
workshop attendee and he passed as well.  I think the most important
thing is to know your critical elements and know what you need to
document for each AOC.  Follow Lynn’s advice for care planning and don’t
make things too complicated. Anyway…..Good luck to everyone and thank you
to Lynn and Bev for all of your help!

P.S. the Clinical was not as bad as standing up in front of everyone to go
through a mock PCS!  : )  Good experience, none the less!


More good news!!!
I also passed in New Hartford, NY last weekend.


[email protected]
Phone: N/A
Question/comment: just to thank you I passed Clinicals last weekend. God Bless you
all for doing these workshops, they really help


Hey Lynn,
Just giving you another success story.  i passed this weekend at Grady.  Your workshop was extremely helpful in giving me the tools I needed to study and prepare for this extremely stressful weekend. Couldn’t have done it without you!!
Lori Ireland

From: [email protected]
To: bev <[email protected]>
Sent: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 4:31 pm
Subject: Re: New Care Plan Group

hi bev, my name is jenny and i took lynns workshop back in february in pearl,ms-please let lynn know that i passed at grady this weekend-thanks for all your help jenny

Hello Bev and Lynn
I just wanted to give you an update. I passed my Clinicals this past weekend. I
wanted to thank you both again for the assistance your workshop gave me. God
bless you both.
Rebecca LeBlanc


[email protected] wrote:

You have made your passion helping others achieve their dreams. Many
people, including me, are nurses today because you have lit the path
in front of us. Thank you hardly seems sufficient given the loft
reach of passing that exam. God certainly is blessing your career,
buisness and relationship. I am truly excited for you.

He sounds like a great guy. Have a wonderful day and an even
brighter future together. God Bless



[email protected]   wrote:

I signed up for Lynns class at the urging of my husband.  With gas prices so high, I couldnt afford a trip to CA.

My plan was to take the class and let Lynn guide my studying.  When I went into the class, I felt that I had bitten off more than I could chew.  I hadnt done patient care in 23 years and was totally unfamiliar with changes in IVs, meds and other nuances in patient care.  I knew the 1985 rules, not the 2008 rules.

Lynns pre-class workbook outlined everything we needed to know.  She included mnemonics that we had to know before class.  When we started class, we found out what a kind and generous and funny and serious person she is.  She took us through care planning, PCSs, documentation and labs.  We practiced the labs if we wanted to.  Her guidance in the wound packing helped me tremendously.  I purchased her PCS workbook, care planning book and flash cards.  I was the very lucky winner of her lab DVD.  When I left her class, I had a feel for what was wanted and was thankful for this really good start.  I just had to practice the principles and practice and practice.

I watched Lynns DVD and practiced in front of the TV while it was on.  I broke down all the components because I was feeling way too overwhelmed with everything at once.  I started with the labs, first week wound packing, second IV med, third IV push and 4th week IM/SC.  I also re-read the study guide and outlined it.

 Lynn and I emailed several times.  She was encouraging as was her assistant/sister, Bev.

Passing this Clinical was the hardest thing I have done in a long time.  The stress is only comparable to the power struggle I had with my ex-husband over our son.  I won at both.

I could not have done this without Lynns assistance, superior materials and prayers.  I heartily recommend Lynns class to everyone.


[email protected] writes:

Girl You are awesome———-That was an awesome group in Miami

Hey Bev and Lyn,
Sorry I haven’t emailed sooner but on September 29th I took that lonely walk from the med surg floor to the conference room where the CA was…She looked at me and said “Congratulations, you have pass the Clinicals!!!!!!!!!”
This was not possible without Clinical Prep Exam. Thank you so much for the workshop and the email support..
I will try to come up on Friday but we are short staffed at the EMS right now and I may be forced to work Friday.
Again thanks for all you do…
Wayne Horton EMT-P, GN on November 21st and RN before the end of 2008!!!



Cathy ([email protected]) wrote:

“I can tell you that I was impressed with Lynn’s workshop. I feel so much more prepared to start studying. After attending Lynn’s workshop, I didn’t know what I didn’t know if that makes sense.”


Brian ([email protected]) wrote:

“Just returned from Lynn’s workshop in Las Vegas. WOW!!!!…..what a great experience. Lynn is a wonderful, kind person who so generously shares her wealth of knowledge. She really dissects the Clinical experience for you and gives you what you need to know. It was the best investment I’ve made!
We had a great group of students in our group which made for a very
enjoyable, knowledge filled weekend. I can’t recommend Lynn enough!”


 Toni ([email protected]) wrote:

Just finally got through the Clinicals! I attended a few other workshops, but none were as comprehensive, economical and right on target as Lynn’s!  She put everything in place for me and at the right place. Her products are a must have! If your looking for quality and what you need, look no where else.  Lynn is exactly what you need to pass this test!”

Stacey ([email protected]) wrote:

 “As a medic, I was very worried about what would be required for the Clinicals. I went to 2 other workshops, paid outrageous amounts of money to travel and attend. Lynn, came to Houston and she was all I really needed! I was able to learn more from her in 2 days than the 5 day workshop I attended.  I didn’t need to waste time with wasted practice time and watching others.  I wanted to practice in my own time.  I used Lynn’s DVD and practiced and went to her workshop. Spent less than half the money for her workshop, than what I spent on the others.  And I didn’t lose the time away from my job.  If your looking for a good workshop, GO TO CLINICAL PREP EXAM!”

Liz ([email protected]) wrote:

“I was lucky enough to attend Lynn’s workshop! She is the most caring and wonderful woman that I have met on this long journey.  I left her workshop with knowledge, confidence and a good PLAN OF ATTACK! I know that when I get my date, I will be successful. She has kept up with every email that I have sent. Gone over every careplan. Continued to give encouragement and advice!  Her teaching, her caring and her workshop are priceless!!”

April ([email protected]) wrote:

” I was a single mom and scared to death. I didn’t want to fail this exam. I had so much rididng on it.  Lynn was there for me every step of the way! Answered every question, every email, was concerned for every worry, and every night of sleep I lost! She was there!  I owe her so much! I had no support system through this entire program. Lynn opened her heart to me and she gave me knowledge and taught me what I needed to know and do to pass this exam on the first try!  You can’t begin to imagine how wonderful it was for me to pass this exam with NO Repeats!  I followed only what she taught me to do!  I called her on Thursday night to discuss some careplan questions and she worked with me and got me over my last minute nerves!  I can’t begin to tell you the blessing that this lady and her workshop is to the Excelsior college student!  People around me said that I would never make it, that I couldn’t do it, and that this exam was impossible. They wouldn’t even try! With Lynn’s help, I DID IT!  I was able to do everything!  I owe my success to her!  Lynn, you are a gift from God! Keep doing what your doing! There are so many more who need you!”



Thank you to Lynn for the awesome workshop.  It was a lifesaver!
Barbara Southards, GN [email protected]



I just want to
thank Lynn for her invaluable workshop. Because of your workshop, I
was able to go into this and feel confident that I knew what I was
doing. I highyl recommend her workshop to everyone!! Thanks again

Michele Mazzo [email protected]


Passed all my patients the first time. Lynn’s workshop really
helped me to put everything into perspective so that this exam
wastn’t so scary and overwhelming.

Jen  [email protected]


Lynn’s workshop, math book, DVD, and careplan book were great tools to use and gave me everything I needed! I thank Lynn for being a great
teacher and giving me the support and great products to help guide me
on my way to success!

Thank you Lynn and fellow Detroit Workshop buddies, you can do it!
Chin up & Smile!!

Denise Liebeskind [email protected]

Thank you Lynn and Bev,

I attended your workshop in Charlotte, last month after missing the one in Indy and because of you I passed.  The only other one who had passed before me told me she also had attended one of your workshops.  So that is a testimonial to you both that your workshop works, the first 2 to pass last weekend in Mansfield both attended your workshop.  I personally want to thank you I couldn’t have done it without your help.

Sherry Baron      [email protected]


hello again!  i passed my cpne this weekend @ grady. I could not have done it with out your help and all the tools you offer. the flashcards and workbook were the best tools! (oh and the workshop!) i want to post some blogs about your stuff but not sure where… let me know what i can do to help!
thanks again!!
[email protected]



After attending other workshops, YOURS WAS ALL I NEEDED!  You help me put everything in perspective and your grid kept me on track! Your an excellent teacher with a wonderful program!

Imir Edom   [email protected]


So you can add another passing student to your success rate!! 🙂 I was
successful in Mansfield June 13-15th!! 🙂 Thank you so much — your
December workshop really started me off on the right path for my Clinical
studies, and your DVD of lab skills was a lifesaver! Thanks a

Lisa Sarao, GN!

[email protected]


Bev and Lynn,
I passed in mansfield this weekend!! woo hoo.

Thank you so much!!  I could not have done it without your guidance, encouragement and teaching. And of course, most important, prayers.

So, yes, it can be done!!!

Lisa Bower

[email protected]